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Technical equipment

Our technical equipment, combined with years of experience put us in the position to fulfill Your requirements in terms of quality and punctuality.

Wood drying plant


Wood drying is not only a technical process, wood drying requires diligence and years of experience.
On our premises they are two Wood drying plants by the firm "Hildebrandt"
Own kilns allow careful dying. In this way high quality and rapid response to Your requests are given.

Reinhardt Cross-Cut System with 4 reject-stations


Computerized Cross-Cut System for cutting optimization

  • Marking of defects using either bar codes, scanner
  • Optimization considering the quality, width and thickness
  • Maximum throughput through intelligent routing between the workpiece marking and cutting stations
  • Trouble-free waste disposal directly at the saw blade without additional saw cuts for waste processing
  • For timber cross-sections up to a maximum of 160 x 260 mm

 Bacci rotation copy milling machine


Rotation copy milling machine with 4 spindles

On our turning and grinding centers wooden elements were manufactured by a three-dimensional template. The development of form and grinding process are made in one single operation. This whole working cycle is entirely automated. Particular advantages of the machine are short changeover times, and uniform high-quality grinding results. Likewise, the simultaneous production of "mirrored" parts such as Left & Right armrests are possible.

Watch the video (mp4, 8MB)

Pade CNC-steered Along copy milling - and grinding machine

The CNC-steered Along copy milling - and grinding machine is the ideal technical solution for the machining of solid timber components. 8 milling and grinding units plus the table-feed speed can be controlled independently of each other by CNC. This allows highly accurate production of complex workpieces. Short changeover times and high working speed results in short processing time.


Our machine park ranges from manual to semi-automatic lathes to the most modern automatic lathe with magazine feed, some with fully automatic transfer to the surface grinding, machining head and head cut.

CNC router


Watch the video (mp4, 14MB)



Lathe parts

Rotation copy parts

Milling parts & sundries


Fret profiles

Cushion feet

Customized planks


Table & Chair feet

Coffee table feet